The Lady of the Lake and I invite you to share your secrets.

Paralleling myth with the online space, Nw==, or 7, is a work based on the original story of The Lady of the Lake. Audience members were invited via a Google Form to share secrets, which were then encoded and transcribed onto seven stones, representing the seven secrets I have held onto and wish to let go of.

These secrets, mine and yours, will be taken and dropped into Llyn Ogwen, the lake where, as the myths go, The Lady of the Lake resides. She will keep our secrets, but show us they are as matterless as ink on a page.

Part of a project around the theme ‘On Matter’, Nw== explores the meaninglessness of secrets, the mythic state of the online, and the catharsis of letting go.

This is for you.

If you would like to let go of secrets of your own, please click here.


The first part of ‘Nw==’ was performed at the Continuum Symposium, a showcase of work by first and third year Performance Arts students from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, an event partly curated by myself, Matthew Powell and Veionella Spaine.
March 14th 2018.

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