‘I look up at the top and can see the summer and the sunshine hitting the snow at the top, breaking through the clouds. And I feel the pull of it, the top so close, but I know if I start to climb the rope I’m guaranteed to fall. I don’t look down I just look up. And then I woke up.’

Through improvised dance and physical exhaustion goatfell seeks to fail, in body and mind, and in failing discover, learn; find oneself anew.

Performed as part of Explosive Arrangements at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, goatfell explores the fear of failure, facing it headfirst, vulnerable, but joyful too.

Conceptualised by Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

Performed by Coleman, Audree Barvé, Céleste Combes, Tal Kronkop, Wunmi Ibironke, Christine Bramwell, Iga Szczepańska, Bianca Darkwoods, and Kalina Petrova

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