9 6 17

07Aug2015 164630 0020 Glasgow

i thought of you and wondered if
our pixelated persuasions might one day
become words that form waves
reverberate dictate to me
how you feel so i can understand why
sometimes your brown eyes turn grey
speak in volumes that are
minute whispers so your breath can raise
the hair on my neck give power
to your frail voice so that i may hold it
with two hands caress it’s finery and it’s
flaws create a melody to fill
the sarcastic void we have built take an
old sofa there curl up beside you
feel your heart race as words become fluid
pour out of your mouth your eyes so even if
you one day lie i’d know feel
the strain in my chest as
i realise how much your falsehoods mean
how much you mean. but for now
there’s only white words on black screens.

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