In collaboration with Audree Barvé.

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BARVÉ SS20 is taking the fashion industry by storm. Get ready to have that lasting glimmer and iridescent shine because your wardrobe will hit record temperatures. In glacial hues of melting neutrals and pure permafrost shades that meet clashing geometric prints and extreme weather patterns. Single the oxygen, double the hydrogen. Durable, wearable, style that is designed to last. Team chunky necklaces with barely-there tees and a classic smoggy eye – a look that even your favourite influencer will envy. Wanna get wild? Because your look will be total fire. BARVÉ SS20 campaign is flooding the market with fashion forward thinking.

Lead creative: Audree Barvé
Collaborator and Camera Operator: Rachel Elizabeth Coleman
Music: Fatal Capital by DOV
Runners: Kalina Petrova and Omowunmi Ibironke

Models: Alona Olshansky-Gefen, Amalia Rudström, Bauti Botto, Christine Bramwell, Céleste Combes, Daisy Minto, Gabriel Harris, Iga Szczepanska, James Crouch, Kalina Petrova, Matt Powell, Millie Pitcher, Nare Hakobyan, Nor Fadhil, Sam Hughes, Saskia Craft-Stanley, Sherwin Douki, Omowunmi Ibironke

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