5 10 17


all our ink is
running are there
any stories left
to tell can you find them
seek them out from
dark recesses of already
darkened minds pull out
the veins of love and anger
weave them together to make
something good something

better are there
any tales left to preach to
whisper in our children’s ears or
to fill in all the white blank screens
do you find them in
sunshine or in rain does
the original even matter
we all make the same mistakes anyway
do you

call to them
come and simmer
boil over with your
brutality and your wonder
teach us all our greeds
aren’t completely insane
fill my ears my mouth my
eyes with tenderness
consume my soul you’re
the very thing i
live for help me to

seek out a
better ending to all
the mess of this
ephemeral life spent surrendering
to less colourful minds find
peace in the knowledge that
a life well lived leaves
marks behind in
walls and words and
loves that last a lifetime

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