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20Jan2017 163238 0003 liv and kelv

Toothpaste Nights

we always remember the
toothpaste nights
the nights spent swaddled
in cold blankets and anxiety
the tang of mint and loneliness
sitting heavy on tongues that
have forgotten the taste of an other
we always remember the
sunsets that were shared
with no one but the ever growing
shadows on our bedroom walls, not the
ones spent curled up in a less freckled
set of limbs not the nights
of dancing or driving towards
an ending a dawn a something
it’s only the nights
spent crying that cling only the nights
spent sleepless spaced out
wishing for dreams because the
nightmare is in waking
or listening to sad songs in the hope
the taste of toothpaste will
turn into the taste of you
only you’re
not here, and i am alone. hopefully
alone won’t remain in my memory
longer than you will

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