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14Mar2015 185135 0096 Landan

To A Chamberlain

I want to be one for this
concept of brevity. I wish I could
suggest my love in the sweet but
oh so short way you do. Without
having to say because we
already know. But I

yearn for more than
one-word texts I crave love letters and
vehement arguments that end in sex I
wait for the day you’re at the
station, arms open, or
ushering me home, telling me
you will wait for the train to go. I want the
reassurance that I’m still there
in the wonder of
your mind, reminding you

it’s okay (things will be better
tomorrow) that I am here
at the other end of the phone. But still I find
it’s not fair –
that I love you so and
you know. Your brevity

makes me afraid your side
of this coin has faded. That maybe
my face has eroded and this love
is just a Trojan horse
eating away at
my heart.

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