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Dramaturgical Analysis of the Final Performance

‘As It Appears In Dreams’ was built upon the essences, emotions, and narratives of the core characters of Chekov’s ‘The Seagull’ in an exploration of artistic identity. The performance, existing within what we as the creators felt to be an ‘artistic purgatory’, raises a core question of what it means to be an artist, allowing […]

Movement Reflection

It seems awfully hard to reflect on only movement from this term and the year as a whole, when I feel I’m always moving. It’s ingrained in all I do; I’m not a person who really knows stillness well. If there’s one thing I want to reflect on, before I go into actual detail on […]

Immersive Project Reflection : Week Eight

Have you enjoyed this term? Hello. It feels nice to meet here, considering most of the entries in this journal are back-dated. But here we are, in the present. I feel about this journal how I’ve felt about much of this term – frustrated by the lack of effort I’ve put into it but at […]

Shows Two and Three : Week Seven

This photograph makes me laugh so much. Thank you Dad for calling my sweet eating so ‘Kate Moss’. The matinee, like so many second shows, was a little downturn. I was fit to collapse by the end of our piece, and the finale lost the previous night’s energy. But then Mum and Dad came, and […]

Show One : Week Seven

This was my favourite night. Our audience member, Thembe, was wonderful. He seemed so into it, so absorbed in the story. And then the finale became its own being. Communication was what we’d been missing, and we found it on this day, and I think there was a lot of joy in that.

Dress Run – No Audience : Week Seven

We’re still pretty mad about this. We worked SO HARD. SO DAMN HARD. I don’t think we’ve ever been so excited as we were when we shared our piece with Andrea and Duska this afternoon, and they told us how much they enjoyed it, and that they thought we’d really taken the brief and made […]

Boat Making And Lost Audio : Week Seven

Safe to say, I am not a sound designer. Using Adobe Audition this term was mildly terrifying, but also a lot of fun. However, it didn’t half confuse the hell out of me, and though I get why it happened, it was mildly heartbreaking to lose the cuts of our audio we spent all of […]

‘Longing’ – The Final Script : Week Seven

Hello. Welcome to As It Appears In Dreams, an immersive performance. For part of this experience, you will be the only audience member. Don’t worry, you’re quite safe, the headphones will explain everything you have to do. You’re about to be handed an envelope, containing an emergency map of Regent’s Park, in case you at […]

Building Purgatory Live : Week Six

Watching the finale as it was during the Week Six Presentations really inspired me. Being in that room, watching as these characters we have so painstakingly undertaken were represented in ‘essence’, it felt strangely tranquil. As though the events in that room could be happening over and over again for all eternity, these people never […]