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meet Celia (6.1)

Meet Celia. She’s a performance maker and musician. She’s joining me on this journey as we create the caretakers. The above are some highlights from our first rehearsal together. I want to leave it to speak on its own. Her voices calls me home.

running into myself (4.1)

As I grow a work that’s entirely improvised, I’m coming up against the biggest challenge; myself, and my tendency towards comfort. I am not, as a person, a big risk taker. I’m also a Taurus – take or leave that, depending on your opinion of astrology. I find myself in creative loops when improvising, often. […]

playtime (week 3)

Well it’s been a hot minute. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Of modest heartbreak, of making, of applications and emails and meetings and dancing. I’m so glad it’s been made up of so much dancing. the caretakers is growing in full force, slowly, like a glacier shuddering in its movement along the […]

playtime (week 1) 2

I have written in this context in several years now. I feel I’ve lost the flow a little. I hope you can bear with me, through my words. Hopefully we’ll find some way of talking thats more easygoing. Or not, that’s okay too. My first studio day left me with such an awareness of the […]

playtime (week 1) 1

It’s funny to now come back to this, over a week later. The intensity of it is still there, but there’s also a lot of pain in my soul now. I want to go back to that intensity, and discuss that, rather than the things that have come to taint my memory of it. It’s […]

how to make a map

I have done SO MUCH this week. I’m exhausted. I’m excited. I’m bursting to the seams with questions. I want first to introduce my current project. It feels weird to call it current, because it’s also sat alongside everything I’ve done in the last year or so. It’s current, but it’s always been there. Because […]

beginnings that are continuations

I handed in my dissertation on Monday. I also consigned myself to undertaking a new way of recording process. This is it. It feels important to spend some time thinking about where I’ve been and how I came to be here. I’m a dancer, writer, researcher, hill walker and performance maker. I don’t really know […]