My name is Rachel (Elizabeth Coleman). I am feels tricky, but we’ll try it anyway.

I am a being, a woman, a dancer and performance maker. I am earth and water, a writer and photographer, a facilitator and producer. I am probably many other things, but I am might lose its strength soon and we should make the words count.

My work sits at several intersections; between myth and now, between histories known and unknown, between bodies and landscapes. I feel the things I make to be tied to the different worlds around us; the personal, political, social, natural. Like the oldest willow trees

my work takes a strong stand within the ground but spreads out, hoping to reach further, farther, finding new terrains to shelter.

I am incredibly lucky to have collaborated with an array of incredible beings, makers, peoples. Please see my Collaborators pages for more information.

You might find me in other places; as the General Manager of Orange Skies Theatre; as the current Environments Officer at Central SU; as a member of The Human Agency.

Any ending here feels feeble, so perhaps we leave it at another ‘hello’; an opening. The possibilities are endless after all.


Photograph by Daisy Minto