Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am an artist-activist based between the East Midlands, London and West Scotland.

I work in intersections of climate, ecology and landscape, manoeuvring through fields of performance, dance, photography, podcast, communication, film, and community. This way of saying it doesn’t really do it justice; all the words and commas and breaths position these things as islands, when in reality we know it isn’t like that. Creativity if a massif – densely packed hills and valleys and mountains forever folding into one another.

I use my craft as another brain – a way to think playfully and critically about how we are and should be living in the world. I think a lot about unlearning and relearning and new learning. About becoming, about living connectedly, about the earth.

I like to bring people together, mostly because I like people a lot, but also because I believe in the power of collective imagining – in creating space for us to realise our individual and communal adaptive power.

I have been fortunate enough to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, at Peckham 24, The Pleasance and Camden People’s Theatre in London, and at the Royal & Derngate in Northampton.

I work alongside an array of remarkable beings and peoples. Please see my Collaborators page to discover them.

You might find me in other places; as General Manager of Orange Skies; as co-host of ASSTROLOGY: the amateur astrologer’s podcast; as the weaver behind Laurel & Daughter, a place for threading things together.

Photograph by Daisy Minto