beginnings that are continuations

I handed in my dissertation on Monday. I also consigned myself to undertaking a new way of recording process. This is it.

It feels important to spend some time thinking about where I’ve been and how I came to be here. I’m a dancer, writer, researcher, hill walker and performance maker. I don’t really know if my work counts as live art or dance or theatre – and I don’t really mind either.

My work draws together seemingly unrelated inquiries and ideas. My wider thinking is always held amongst landscapes; natural, uninhibited, wild. I believe our bodies are interwoven with the surrounding world, and continuously confront this through movement, text and thinking.

I have a continual interest in textual and embodied languages and the process of translation between them. My work is also deeply embedded in mythologies and folklore, these often being a starting point.

I am here now, coming towards the end of a particular part of my life. As I come to confront the disappearance of one structure, I wish to dedicate time and consideration to building my own ideas and actions that might be called an artistic practice. The ‘thinking’ and ‘researching’ that informs my work brings me so much joy, but for some reason I’ve always positioned it as ‘out of sight’. In implementing a journal within my portfolio I want to make space to reflect on what I find and come to know, and how I eventually make work. This has already been core to who I am, but I need it to exist outside of my mind now.

So hello! Here goes nothing.

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