Shows Two and Three : Week Seven


This photograph makes me laugh so much. Thank you Dad for calling my sweet eating so ‘Kate Moss’.

The matinee, like so many second shows, was a little downturn. I was fit to collapse by the end of our piece, and the finale lost the previous night’s energy.

But then Mum and Dad came, and they got to meet Audree and Jamie and Wunmi, and the day was glowing, and there was a lot of smiling for no reason, and that made it all so much lighter. We were all exhausted and a little done, but there was some peace in this day.

The last show was wonderful, it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Rada, our audience, loved ours. When i approached her during the piece she looked so afraid of me, so apprehensive about the end coming, and it was as though the words she’d been listening to had fused with her own mind. It had worked, after all.

Show ends. Mum, Dad, Wunmi. Izzy and her beautiful smile. So many people. A cold cider on my cheeks. The get out. The room coming apart. Uber to school. Flight cases and Ana’s birthday. Pub. A decision to not go out. Macdonalds till 1am with Aoife and Matt. Crying on the way home. Sparkling.

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