Dress Run – No Audience : Week Seven

We’re still pretty mad about this.

We worked SO HARD. SO DAMN HARD. I don’t think we’ve ever been so excited as we were when we shared our piece with Andrea and Duska this afternoon, and they told us how much they enjoyed it, and that they thought we’d really taken the brief and made it our own.

And then we didn’t get an audience member for the dress run.

I’m not really that mad, I wasn’t even at the time. I think my gut instinct told me we were fine, because we didn’t need to change much, because it didn’t really matter. In the end making a performance for one meant it was always completely unpredictable. You couldn’t count on anything. And so whether we had an audience on wednesday or not, it didn’t necessarily prepare us any more or less for the real shows.

It felt ropey, but as though all the things that went wrong were fixable. And we had time now, nothing else to think or worry about, we just had to build it up.


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