Boat Making And Lost Audio : Week Seven

Safe to say, I am not a sound designer. Using Adobe Audition this term was mildly terrifying, but also a lot of fun. However, it didn’t half confuse the hell out of me, and though I get why it happened, it was mildly heartbreaking to lose the cuts of our audio we spent all of the monday of this week on. I was having a rough week and to come in at 8:30 on tuesday morning thinking there wasn’t much left to do and find out all the work I’d done till late on monday was gone was shit. Actual shit.

Conor as always was such a light of optimism. I was much more ‘the-end-is-nigh’ kinda vibe. It was fixable, easily, but it would need the whole day. We were now nowhere near ready to show our piece, and it was the day before the dress run.

This to me epitomised the fault of this term. So little time seemed to have been given over to going through audio editing, rehearsing, experimenting. And so now in the pivotal moment we were swiftly running out of time to fix this problem.

But we did. We didn’t show our piece but we re-edited the script, re-recorded it, and then stayed until 10 in the design studio editing it. It was fun, we had Aoife and Anna and Matt and a lot of origami boats to make, and a lot of paper to rip. It was fun, more than anything. Even though I spent most of the time plugged into the computer, hearing repeats of my own voice over and over, it didn’t matter. We were a team, and I think we were determined to enjoy the week whatever happened.

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