Building Purgatory Live : Week Six

Watching the finale as it was during the Week Six Presentations really inspired me. Being in that room, watching as these characters we have so painstakingly undertaken were represented in ‘essence’, it felt strangely tranquil. As though the events in that room could be happening over and over again for all eternity, these people never quite managing to find peace.

It was purgatory. It felt like it at least. As though all the walking performances were an invitation in. It was gratifying to see how it all came together into a strange cohesion. Even though I’d disagreed with the initial themes of the piece, this concept of the waiting room was one I loved, and seeing it in action made the piece real to me.

Much of this week was spent writing the rest of our script, and making our props. It was slow and hard, and on the friday I turned to Conor and asked if he’d mind if I just sat and finished the script. He was more than happy for me to do it, as he worked on his miniature self.

I put some music on and wrote, and that was for me when it became a story. My novel hat came on and all else fell away until there was nothing but continuous streams of words that lined the path we were taking. It felt like we’d jumped a hurdle when we finished it.

Much of this week was also dedicated to getting the online marketing up and running. Eventbrite. Facebook. Instagram. Agata’s drawing splayed across the internet, over emails, around school. Tickets started to go.



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