Presentation One : Week Five

Aims: to discover how much guidance the audience need to both actively participate in the piece but also feel immersed in the emotions of the character/narrative presented.

Script for Week Five Presentation (Second Person Pronoun)

You wake up, the sensation of your body pressing into a hard, cold floor. Your eyelids are heavy, the feeling of sleep swimming around you. You could fall back into slumber, it’s so tempting, but something makes you open your eyes.

Immediately, you’re blinded by sharp fluorescent light. It takes a few moments to adjust, but then shapes start to form in your vision. Wood paneled walls, stacks of chairs, a stage at one end of the room. The windows are unusually high, casting a morning light across the big room. The day beyond seems far away. You can’t quite recall how you got here, or even where here is.

You sit up and look around. You see faces. Many faces. Faces you don’t recognise. It feels like they’re reflecting back the same look you’re giving them. Tired bewilderment, brows furrowed, squinting, still not awake enough to realise. Your mind is misty, but you push at your memory, trying to remember last night. You can’t shake the sound of a piano being poorly played, the smell of burning wood. And eyes. Brown eyes, even now you can see them staring back at you. You’d never seen any so bright. If only you could remember the face they belonged to. You search the faces around you, desperately seeking them out. No eyes that stare back at you match your memory.

You’re disheartened, but an urge to seek them out fills you. You don’t know why, but nothing is as important in this moment as finding these eyes, and the person they belong to. A fire fills you, and you rise from the ground, your legs feeling weak but you’re held steady by this newfound sense of purpose. You scan the room, seeking an exit. You see it; wide double doors leading out into another room. You start to move towards it, one foot tumbling over the other towards what must lead to an exit. You realise the people in the room are following, copying your every move. Suddenly the brown eyes are not the only realise you want to leave. You keep moving, out the room, treading carefully around the corner. You see doors leading to the outside, to the street beyond. You head towards them, a crowd following behind you. Your journey is just beginning.

Recording of ’13 2 18′

Aim: to discover how successful different forms of writing are at imposing character/emotions on a performer, through the eyes of the audience.


Our work held a level of ‘sophistication’, which was huge praise for us. The key was to keep going with the tone of the script we’d written, and explore how that sort of descriptive audiobook-like form would coincide with the framing of the park as our venue.

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