Power and Stalking : Week Four


‘While baking we were brewing’

Monday of Week Four. Conor and I are at my house, baking vegan cookies. Though they didn’t quite end up as planned, we got brainstorming. Over the weekend I started growing a map of ideas on my wall, and I shared these with Con, who being wonderful, was an abundance of ideas.

Our discussion centred mostly on the idea of ‘the woman in the red dress’, and it was clear red was going to be a visual motif throughout our journey. Conor brought up the premise of stalking, and how it might be powerful to have our audience follow someone who they might not know to be a performer or not. We like the playfulness of ambiguity, and how to follow and lose someone is gamelike. Moreover, we discussed making our journey cyclical, beginning and ending in the same place, alike to Trigorin’s cycles in life.

Quickly the form of our journey took shape, however we still lack some sense of what we want to say through our headphones. We discussed ideas of romantic desire, but also Trigorin’s desire to regain lost youth. These two motifs, and how they present the interplay between personal life and art, seem core to our journey as we develop it further.

This work seemed to relate to conversations we had in our Performance As Event session regarding walking; a question Diana posed to us was ‘what does it mean to walk alone, together?’. We felt the importance of this weigh on us, and how in the context of stalking, one could form an emotional bond with those who they follow while seeming entirely alone.


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