Trigorin : Week Three



Trigorin is controlled by his art  vs. Trigorin attempts to regain control through people

He seeks artistic gratification but has ‘sold’ himself out to commercial celebrity

sell out vs. magnum opus

Is he a psychopath?

Sexually driven male predator

Disappointed with life – bored

How does he sit in the creative world?



End of week three. I am now in the Trigorin journey group with Conor. It still feels silly to refer to us as a group, but we immediately got down to brainstorming who we though Trigorin was in relation to the overarching theme of what it means to be an artist. Power was at the core of this, and we came to discuss how we could get the audience to experience a gaining in power and then its withdrawal. We also discussed our journey as Trigorin’s ‘reckoning’, as well as how we could use games.

Our next steps are to continue this and develop what kind of journey we want to form, and what experience we wish to design for the audience. We will be going to Regent’s Park next week in rehearsal time to also discern some geographical locations we might use.

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