ZUUK Session: Week Three

After spending a day surrounded by work that is of real interest to my practice, I found it hard to get back into the swing of things. However it felt good on such a beautiful day to get out of the classroom and be wandering.

Being Led Through Text Messages

This exercise, though you are being led, instates a sense of power within the participant; you are experiencing the world on a deeper level than the strangers who move around you, and being in the knowledge of the performance and its imaginative world provides a security net for yourself.

It is half as important how the audience interpret it. When we were told to find hidden spaces I was back in school, in between the Embassy Theatre’s two back doors. It’s a different kind of hidden space, and it was wonderful to have this realisation about it.

Phone Call – with Kalina

Though this was a super short experience, it really stuck with me. I felt the importance of trust in guidance, and tonality as a tool for incentivising action, as well as invoking emotion. Though I didn’t realise at the time, this will become useful in the devising of our  script for the character of Trigorin, as Conor and I intend to provide an emotionally imposed experience through headphones.

Headphones, Narrator, Facilitator

Though at first this task felt convoluted, with too many extraneous variables, it was a lot of fun and a challenge to use facilitation through texting, alongside a narrative piece of spoken word. Over the head headphones provide an enclosure, providing a literal headspace in which the participant can absorb the story, but also engage with what the facilitator tells them. Being paired with Beth while Alina narrated Arcadian meant I immediately trusted Bethany more, and it was clear she felt the same. We both use the facilitation to contrast with Arcadian, and provide a sense of freedom that the character’s narrative doesn’t come close to.


Where does focus go?

Where do relationships form between the speaker, the text, the participant?

Who is caring for who?

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