Choreographic Observership with Casson & Friends Day One : Week Three

08May2018 104233 0001 May

Theatre Deli. South London.

Casson & Friends emphasise a collaborative process in which they remove the sense of seriousness from contemporary dance practices. They focus on dance as an forming force for inclusivity, presenting work that is playful, universally engaging, but also technically challenging for the performers. Being very technically focused in my own work, observing their rehearsals for ‘Choreocracy’ showed me the playful side of dance-theatre and contemporary, in which a work can exist not in or out of its tradition, but rather in tandem with it.

Moreover, Choreocracy is a performance driven by its technological interactivity. Tim explained the parameters within which the piece exists but it was clear that risk underpins the action. The uncertainty of the performance’s outcome gives it life, and I arm really excited to meet Seb (?) and discover how his coding practice has influenced his performance work as well as his piece.

This day was really inspiring, not only to observe the company’s rehearsal process but also in talking to Tim and discussing his journey to the here and now, and how it was his passion that dance can be for everyone that fuelled his desire to create a different kind of company, that invites everyone in.

It has made me consider how I present my work, and who I invite into my work. I would like to think I make work that is accessible for everyone, but in terms of my own practice I haven’t considered not who I invite but how I make a welcoming space.


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