Regent’s Park: Week Two

Thoughts from 1 5 2018

Walking experience: route 11


To walk in silence at first seemed so difficult, more because I was on a high and feeling talkative because it was my birthday, but as we began it became an almost meditative experience. There was a sense of comfort found in the presence of one another, but also a playfulness in the way we had to simply follow one another, to seek out a path without really communicating. In our instructions the word ‘impulse’ was used, and dappled in sunlight and warmth there seemed to be no other way to describe how we moved, impulsively, without thought or questioning. It’s something we do not do that often; one can be mindful on a designated route, but to be impulsive on one is rare, as we always feel the constraints of time.

Silence is mindful. I felt so close to myself and inner peace as we walked through the roots of the city and the trees. At the same time I felt attuned to the presence of Victoria and Reka, which grew when we took photographs of one another, and when I thought about how thirsty I was and turned to Victoria to only find she was handing me a carton of apple juice.

I felt aware of how even when impulsive we kept to the convention of paths, and what this means. To ‘stray’ is reckless, kept only for occasions outside of a familiar border perhaps. I also felt observant, watching how a Mum stared disapprovingly at Reka as she used a slide in the Gloucester Gate playground. I felt angered by this, not by the Mum but the fact she couldn’t see that there is childishness in adulthood too. Perhaps it was because it was my birthday, but I felt myself promising to never lose my sense of play. I felt passionate to remind others of this too.


  • What does it mean to stray?
  • Why do we walk paths previously trodden? Tradition? Sentimentality? How they weave into a landscape.

Voice Work (Afternoon)

Warm up; focus on low resonance in an open space to ensure the audience hears you.

Tell a story within the space:

  1. What do the audience do?
  2. What do you do with your voice?
  3. What are the audience going to see?

Indoor Space for Finale (Duke’s Common Room, Regent’s University)

  • Genre: gig theatre (‘Rashdash’, Middle Child, Kate Tempest)
  • Bring Audience through backstage ?
  • Multi sensory
  • Period dance/choreo perhaps, mixed with modern music; blur the chronology/time period. Dreamlike.
  • Silent Disco
  • Haze!

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