Dreams In The Day

The below was sparked from something Orinta said during our intimacy workshop. Though I was frustrated by the way we ran for on a tangent I was so awakened by the share interest in dreams. Orinta referred to this idea of ‘dreaming in the day’, not ‘daydreaming’. These to me are distinctly different, the latter existing as the practice of letting the mind wander, while the former is to me the sense of not having woken up from slumber. I wrote a short piece below on this former, an experience I have when I do not sleep regularly, or dream persistently.

I once dreamt my journey to school. It was saturated, all the colours too bright and the contrast too low, a bizarre turquoise haze over everything. It was patchy – in the same way dreams always are. Jumping from one place to the next; I don’t remember leaving my house but I remember the face of the man who stopped for me when I crossed the road; I don’t recall who else I passed on the way but I remember the feeling of my shoulder being bumped by someone else’s. I remember tapping in but not how busy the tube was. I can’t explain it, the otherness of it. The sense of familiarity, of knowing where you are but it not looking how to recall it looks. There’s a euphoria about it, of drifting through an ocean of my own mind’s making, unable to anchor myself to anything physical, tangible. None of the people I passed did I know, and at the same time I was aware I had seen then before, at another time. Their faces were sampled from some ravine of information in my unconscious. I find it funny, how without realising I have remembered every face of every person I have ever encountered. Like secrets kept close, not really bearing any weight but nonetheless there, awaiting their calling.

When I woke up it was 11:30. I had been an school for over an hour, but none of the lecture I was in had passed further than the outer shell of my body. I had been so certain it was a dream, that I would wake up in bed and relive the path my mind had already taken. And it had, been a dream that is. Only I’d been awake the entire time.

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