Statement Of Goals

1) Begin to evolve as an artist. Part of my feedback from last term was to remove the definition of ‘student-based work’ from my personal vocabulary. I seem to have, without realizing, made a distinction in my own work between what was ‘professional art’, and what was ‘student art’. This has really stuck with me, and I feel it has raised many questions about myself and how I present myself and my work in a space, but also motivated me to actively seek out what it means to me to be a working artist in my current context. Though this seems to be a lot about definitions it’s more me making a conscious effort to consider my practice and what I currently want to work on, rather than thinking too far into the future. I feel what Central gives me is not the opportunity to be a ‘student’, but a safe environment to fully explore the breadth of my abilities.

2) Immerse myself in Immersiveness. Something of a paradox, perhaps, but immersive theatre, though incredibly thought-provoking, is not where my interests lie. This doesn’t mean I am shut off from it or from the project, and as an artist I have always been one to throw my all into something until the end. I feel the same for this term and this specific project, but also from a theoretical perspective too. I want to engage with the terminology, the discussions of space and what space means, the dichotomy of audience autonomy and audience interaction. There’s so much to unpack this term and I want to strive to push myself to discover as much of it as possible.

3) Learn to juggle. This is by far my busiest state of existence. I am a person prone to stress and anxiety, and this term will be a definite test of my current ability to handle high workload, but also a new learning curve. I seek to discover how I best organize, and how I can activate my being to be present while focused on so many things. Equally, I want to give myself the space to breathe, and learn what it means to say no when things get too much.

4) Dance. I’ve spent so much of this first year focusing on goals and aims, and instead, as I discover my artistry and my voice in the sea of singing that is art, I want to continue to develop the passions that give me the most. Of everything. Dance is at the core of this, and I want to work on both how I approach dance, how I approach choreography, but also how my body moves within space, and the joy of that.

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